Founded by Mark Ransom in 1990 and situated on Pimlico Road in the heart of Chelsea's design district. Ransom is one of London’s leading dealers in contemporary European art and photography, currently boasting two galleries on Chelsea's renowned Pimlico Road. Ransom offers clients an eclectic collection of rare and unique works of art from established names such as Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Andy Warhol, William Scott and Banksy; to contemporary Internationally acclaimed artists such as to contemporary internationally acclaimed artists such as Tim WoolcockRock Therrien, Alessandro Tofanelli, Marco Grassi, Roberta Coni, Jean-Paul Donadini, Massimo Giannoni and Guillermo Muñoz Vera. Ransom Art also houses a large selection of limited photographs by John Stoddart, Althea Wilson and Helmut Grill.

In London, Ransom hosts a number of diverse exhibitions throughout the year and keeps a constantly changing collection of works on display. Abroad, the gallery has been selected for prestigious art fairs in Miami, New York, St. Tropez, Chicago and Palm Beach.  Ransom has a reputation for excellence, integrity and discretion that it has earned by providing an excellent service to discerning clients.