July 29, 2014

Tim Woolcock

An exhibition of Tim Woolcock’s paintings were presented for a special private viewing at Chelsea Arts Club in the Billiards Room hosted by Ransom Gallery on Tuesday 29th July 2014. Tim Woolcock’s landscapes have been described as mystical in their composition and the strong pigments he uses have made his work distinctive. He has shown an affinity with Zen culture and this is reflected in his work. The London Times art critic Joanna Pitman wrote this about Tim Woolcock's style and influences: "The scale and proportions of his work present an internal harmony, and this mood is completed in the delicate balance between form and the exquisite colours he uses. We see lyrical lines and geometric fragmented shapes...Woolcock has seemed to show an interest in Cubism and a wonderful sense of contour and drama. There is a meditative serenity in his colour variations which perhaps reflects the contemplative personality of Woolcock himself...his landscapes evoke the beauty and grandeur of the Irish Countryside”.