June 23, 2015

Frank Sinatra

An exhibition in honour of Terry O’Neill was hosted at Ransom Gallery for a special private viewing of photographs inspired by Frank Sinatra on Tuesday 23rd June which was accompanied by Champagne and Canapés sponsored by Laurent Perrier.

“One night I took Ava Gardner to Ronnie Scott’s. We got thrown out because she was rather rude, heckling the band. Well she had been married to the greatest – Frank Sinatra. I told her I wanted to photograph him so she wrote this letter and gave it to me, by way of introduction. To this day I don’t know what she said in it. But it was why I landed the greatest photograph in my archive. I flew to Miami where Frank was making a film with a young actress called Raquel Welch – The Lady in Cement. I was walking up the boardwalk with the letter in my pocket, to his hotel, hoping I could get past security, when he suddenly appeared, walking towards me with his entourage on his way to the film set. I just got off a few quick shots and handed him the letter. Remember he was still in love with Ava, I believe he never stopped loving her even though they were divorced. He ripped it open, read it, stuffed it in his pocket and turned to his minders and said “this kid’s with me.”​ – Terry O’Neill