Jeanne Isabelle Cornière

 Jeanne Isabelle Cornière was born in Paris in 1974, lives and works in Florence

She is from French and Italian origin. Since she was as a child she was in contact with the world of art and music (her  father is the composer Yves Cornière ). As part of her artistic research she uses particularly painting and sculpture, exploring the theme of childhood, memory, and time as the main themes of her poetry. After her university studies, she exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


The sculpture work of Jeanne-Isabelle Cornière is a meditative investigation on human nature. The chosen subjects represent memories and meetings, relaying images of an attitude, of a perception towards life. 

Cornière investigates the time of childhood with elegance and depth of thought as a place not only of growth, but also of truth. 

The theme of biographical reminiscence permeates the works in this series. Each piece takes the shape of a synthetic figure dominated by white, timeless chalk, interrupted only by small coloured elements, or glass and paper objects. The element that comes out of the clarity of the plaster is what deepens the roots, the here and now, from which the piece originates and to which the “rèverie” returns. 

The artist uses additional media to complete her research surrounding the sculpture. In particular, the preparatory notes are taken with photography, followed by painting as a form of contemplation. Watercolours are made using sumi-e brushes according to the zen technique of Japanese calligraphy. A gestural painting sequence involving the whole body is carried out repeatedly for each subject in the series. In this sense, the painting technique becomes a meditation practice, which aims to achieve a perfection that transcends ordinary judgment of the work. 

The result of this exercise on her sculptures is apparent in the subtle grace of the gestures, and simultaneously, in the depth of their presence. Cornière’s work is an extension of her research and reflections: dexterity and breadth in moment and time, the creation of memories and new experiences; all taking their final shape in Cornière’s extraordinary works of art.