Thierry Dussac

As a modern dandy with an expressionist touch, it is paradoxically with much modesty that Thierry Dussac shows the pain, either physical or mental, as well as expressing eroticism and death. What stands out in Thierry's artwork is a kind of familiarity with what we could call the body's expressivity, in a pictorial form and an emotional language. Sometimes the artist even exaggerates and distorts the features to highlight what is obvious. Thierry works with drawing and painting and presents himself as an heir of the classical processes of previous generations such as Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud or Jenny Saville. Nudity, in its weakness, is the heart of his plastic obsessions. His work is a long journey through the human, its short life, its misery, its weirdness, its eroticism, and its death... His language is pure, sharp and precise. Thierry sketches then extracts the quintessence of forms and human beings. His spontaneity and his strength in his work make his art the most obvious. In his universe life is the anthem and sensibility is the expression. Expositions: 2015 Hotel de l'Industrie, St Germain des Prés, Paris PDP, Londres 2014 Solo show, Galerie Bartoux, Paris 2013 Group show, Galerie Guigon, Paris Solo show, Galerie Guigon, Paris 2009 Solo show "Portraits travestis", Centre de Culture et de Congrès, Montceau Solo show "La vie en plus", Institut de Cancérologie Gustave Roussy et au Printemps Nation, Paris 2008 Art fair Puls'Art, Le Mans 2007 Solo show, Salon d'Art Contemporain MAC, Paris