Walter Trecchi

Italy, 1964

Walter Trecchi was born in Como in 1964. He graduated at the Silk Technical Institute with a specialisation in textile design. He started working in the fashion, cooperating with the major international firms.

After being selected for “Arte Prize” in 1998, he devoted completely to painting.

In the last years he has been marked on the international art scene for a research focused on the representation of the city scenery and of the contemporary metropolis, a golden organism provided with an independent life, in constant changing and growing.

In his works  the city becomes a metaphysical space, motionless but full of experienced traces, suspended in a time without time.

Historical buildings and urban outskirts, industrial archaeologies become crocks of which remain only walls in ruin. Perspective shots in which man is absent but cranes and scaffoldings leant on facades testify the positive will of making.