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RANSOM ART presents ALESSANDRO TOFANELLI | Forgotten Memories - An exclusive exhibition featuring beautifully brand new metaphysical landscape paintings.

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 20th June 2019, 6-9pm

EXHIBITION DATES: Friday 21st June - Friday 12th July 2019


Ransom Art is very proud to present the exhibition and private viewing of the tranquil and metaphysical landscape oil paintings by Alessandro Tofanelli.

The act of painting by Alessandro Tofanelli is the age-old mastery of technique; all these factors together commune with a modern interpretation which is born of today, of the instantaneousness of a forgotten memory, isolated, silent, free. It is precisely silence, be cause his paintings are not merely to be seen but also to be listened: a silence of what is immobile, slowly built up by colour, of what is so loved as to be unapproachable, sacred, not of this world. His poetic imagination find its place, drawn into a rigorous balance of form and at the same time imaginative. His paintings are "landscape portraits" not portraits in the literal sense, but images characterised by an infinite number of physiognomic variations, by theatrical lighting specific for that artificial scene, conducted by a skilful director and the result of a unique intellectual operation. Portraits of non-existent landscape, fruit of stratification of images dear to the artist, images composed of memories, elaborated again by the art of memory. Tofanelli is a romantic who takes his time. His brush strokes accentuate each blade of grass, each branch of a tree, each flower in a meadow in way that is a soft and mottled. It is as if he caressing the nature he loves with complete tenderness. This quality is revealed in a multitude of ways, where he sees beauty in the simple, elegance of nature. His paintings inspire a feeling of tranquillity and us can only observe, with discretion, the details and "listen to" that spontaneous and slowly uncontainable creative force which characterizes each detail of the his paintings. 

Alessandro Tofanelli was born in Viareggio in 1959. In 1977 he graduated from the Arts’ Institute in Lucca.  In the same year he moved to Milan, where he attended the Brera Art Academy. Whilst he was in Milan Tofanelli collaborated as an illustrator for several magazins published by Rizzoli and Mondadori.  In 1975 he won First Prize for his work about “La Resistenza”, which is exhibited at the Modern Art Gallery in Lucca, and Firts Prize in the International competition “Ina Touring” in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. In 1984 Tofanelli went on to win the much coveted “Giotto d’Oro” prize and in 1987 he won the “Best painter Under 35 Years of Age” prize. From 1977 to the present, Tofanelli’s paintings are in a number of prestigious public and private collections in Italy and abroad. Alessandro Tofanelli has always combined his painting with his work as a professional photographer, a videodocumentarist and a film maker.  When asked about his painting, Tofanelli states that he wants to investigate the relationship between time and memory, and to properly do this he has chosen landscape, his favourite subject. Landscape, to him, is a previleged point of observation to contemplate the flow of time as well as to place memories of forgotten places and people whom he whishes to remember.

He has had many personal exhibitions in public spaces, foundations and museums in Italy in almost all the territory and abroad as: Mito  Japan,  Hong Kong,  St. Petersburg and Moscow Russia, Munich Germany,  Spring Lake New Jersey Usa, Singapore,  New York USA, Londra UK,  San Francisco California USA, Albemarle Carolina del Nord USA, Instabul Turkey, Sidney Australia, Strasbourg France, Barcellona Spagna,. Many art critics have written texts on his work, including: L. Alberti, Maria Teresa Leoni Zanobini, E. Aretini, Natale Emilio Baldaccini, Alessandro Romanini, Omero Biagioni,  Gilberto Finzi, Giovanni Faccenda, Osvaldo Patani, Tommaso Paloscia,  Umberto Baldini, Furio Colombo, Roberto Monti, B. Zancan, Valerio Grimaldi, Fortunato Bellonzi, Giuseppe Mascherpa, Pier Carlo Santini, Maia Teresa Filieri, R. Tabozzi, Mario Mazzocchi, Alessandra Bonomini, Silvano Ambrogi, B. Bancari, Simona Foà, Antonio Tabucchi,  Nicola Micieli, Maria Teresa Filieri, Giorgia Calò, Giovanni Pieraccini, Alessandro Romanini, A. Mitrangelo, Francesca Centurione Scotto Boschieri, Antonella Serafini, N. Cobolli Gigli, Enzo Dall’Ara, Dino Carlesi, T. Conti, Mario Rocchi, Francesco Mozzetti, R. Del Beccaro, Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, David Himmelberger, S.I. Bartoli, A. Dragone, Paolo Levi, B. Modugno, Elena Ginannesca, Leo Strozzieri, John Ray Taylor, Pier Carlo Santini.

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JEAN-PAUL DONADINI - Solo Exhibition

RANSOM ART presents JEAN-PAUL DONADINI : An exclusive exhibition featuring beautifully brand new abstract three-dimensional artworks.

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 23rd May 2019, 6-9pm

EXHIBITION DATES: Friday 24th May - Friday 14th June

JEAN-PAUL DONADINI - JPEG invitation.jpg

Ransom Art is very proud to present the exhibition and private viewing of the beautiful uniquely abstract artworks by French artist, Jean-Paul Donadini.

Jean Paul Donadini is a French artist, born in 1951 in Troyes. He graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Troyes in 1971, then from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts of Nancy in 1973 and finally from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris in 1976. He currently lives and works in Paris. His work is presented in France but also in many metropolises: London, New York, Miami, Chicago, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.Jean-Paul Donadini have a unique and recognizable style. His technical’ s competences, his academic curriculum, his unmistakable sense of humor are perfectly reflected in his Artwork.La brosse arretée symbolizes the artist's gesture materialized in a painting, thus making a nod to the creative process. A painting is comparable to an unfinished work, only the artist can put an end to it. The crumpled fabric reminds that life is a theater, when the curtain opens the magic operates, full of mirages and illusions.Donadini considers to be in constant exploration, for the materials, the projects. The result is a playful Artwork preceded by intense research. In his Parisian Atelier everything overflows with imagination, inspiration. In 2017 Donadini has participated in numerous events, including Scope Art New York, Art Stage Singapore, ArtCentral Hong Kong, Istanbul Art Fair, Art London, Art Basel, Scope Art Miam, etc.


“I don’t like dictated interpretations, therefore I invite everybody to let their imagination flow. First of all, and personally, the Brosses Arretée reminds me of the artist’s gesture, materialised in a painting. By leaving the brush on the canvas, I wanted to give a wink to the painting’s process of creation, but also as an artist working in his atelier, honouring all the little pauses that makes the life of an artist. A painting is comparable to a construction site, where only the artist can decide when it’s ending. At last, I wanted to use this creased canvas to remind us that life is a theatre, when the curtains open the magic happens, full of mirages and illusions.” - Jean-Paul Donadini

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Video Credit: Jade Madgwick Photography

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ROCK THERRIEN - Solo Exhibition

RANSOM ART presents ROCK THERRIEN : A solo exhibition of his brand new pop artworks!

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 4th April 2019, 6-9pm

EXHIBITION DATES: Friday 5th April - Friday 5th May


Ransom Art is very proud to announce Rock Therrien’s first solo exhibition in the UK, which will consist of a beautiful large collection of his paintings in 105 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8PH. The Private View will be hosted from 6-9pm on Thursday 4th April with champagne on arrival.

Rock Therrien was born in 1970 in Armagh, near Montmagny, and currently resides in Montreal. Therrien stood out from other art students at a very young age, having won several drawing competitions. Self-taught, Therrien has been painting for nearly twenty years. Today, he primarily creates paintings featuring rotund characters in amusing and wacky situations in which viewers can often recognize themselves.  For each painting, Therrien conceives a situation that he sketches on canvas beforehand. He then works the materials and colours using a painting technique that he developed over time. Sanding his paintings creates a highly textured surface and reinforces the idea that Therrien’s characters live in a bygone era. Being a true admirer of curves, Therrien engraves circular motifs that he embellishes with signs and touches of colour. Each painting consists of superimposed layers of paint, as Therrien likes to leave traces of his collage work, sketches and even applications of cement so as to reveal certain stages of its composition.  Therrien draws inspiration from fragments of his life, music and his many travels. His works are conceived as messages to be unravelled, and for him each painting tells a story. In viewing each of his pieces, one discovers clues on how to interpret the scene. At first, Therrien tries to capture the viewer's attention with the subject of his work and the colour palette. Then, he attempts to make the viewer smile by adding humour to complete his scenes. Therrien explains that all these elements inspire and motivate him to constantly push his limits.  "Painting never seemed obvious to me, but when it catches hold of you, it pushes you to go further and to enter into the matter." Rock Therrien has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions, including "A Piece of Canada in Dubai", which was presented in September 2013 at Dubai’s Opera Gallery.

Preview the collection HERE.

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JOHN SPRINGS - "Mustn't Grumble"

Ransom Art in Collaboration with John Springs | PRIVATE VIEW & PRESS PREVIEW: Thursday 28th March, 6-9pm


Ransom Art is very proud to present the exhibition and private viewing of works by the acclaimed British cartoonist, John Springs (b. 1962). Chelsea artist, John Springs (born 1962) has been contributing to major newspapers and magazines over a long period of time. The artwork exhibited was included in a collection of works by John Springs called “Political Unrest: Bracing for Brexit” at Ransom Art back in 2017, proving to be a prophetic record of a momentous event. He seems to include anyone and everyone in politics, historical figures and current, who has ever done anything about Europe, or being in Europe, or is in Europe. John worked on the painting for over two years, beginning the creative process in 2016 before the referendum. The title of the painting ‘Mustn’t Grumble’ by John Springs {155 cm x 236 cm, mixed media on canvas} is for sale at end of March at Ransom Art Gallery on Pimlico Road in Chelsea. A timely piece, in anticipation of March 29th, is simultaneously a piece of history with a prophetic visual narrative. The artist makes strong references to the great and savage Netherlands artist Hieronymus Bosch, which can also be seen in the rest of his other satirical paintings which will also be exhibited alongside including a portrait of Theresa May, a pop art version of Ronald Reagan, and a line up of portraits of known French writers.

"It was an irresistible urge to convey the events of that morning in June 2016 as a clumsy deceit. The political mechanism revealed itself to be error strewn, the big gamble a misjudgment, the calculating had backfired, the shifty had been caught out. Shock and morale sapping for some, the events of “Brexit” became immediate satire even before the “satirists” could comprehend and digest the situation before getting to work and stamping its collective foot. These would become the glory days for the opinionated and a battleground of division. There is a terrible truth in any victory, but this was far from being a hollow one. It’s not the job of the satirist to be charitable, more to distort a situation into something digestible and realistic. A cartoon feels the suffering of its subject matter even when that subject has been exposed as something of a hoaxer or had the impudence to make a misjudgment on a catastrophic scale, which is much the same thing. We can take a laugh at those who seem to have chanced and lost, as an observer we can gain ground from it even if we were complicit and swept along. There has always been a belief that all words are lies, the use of language an opportunists charter unlike a picture that rings true, even when a, person is pictured performing an act he or she would never do. You could call that an interpretation that cannot be misconstrued. A cartoon or caricature that distorts is not “true” but more of an explanation. Shoulders rocking in mirth is acknowledging an understanding and perhaps diffusing something that might be unknown. The act of satire is in fact a political event in itself, a picture, like words, can do the lying. In a way this painting is satirizing the satirists and playing them at their own game and all the things they find irresistible.” - John Springs

The work “Mustn’t Grumble” will also be available as a signed limited edition print, hand-coloured and of an edition of 50, through Ransom Art.

View John Spring’s collection HERE.


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RANSOM ART presents “WOMEN IN ART” : Ravishing photographic florals accompanied by sculptural clay formations by the talented Althea Wilson and Annaleaclelia Tunesi.


Ransom Art is very proud to announce their innovative exhibition, “Women In Art”, from 26th February to 27th March 2019. The exhibition is comprised of an intricate collection of ravishing photographic florals by Althea Wilson, accompanied by sculptural clay forms by AnnaLeaClelia Tunesi. The collection consists of never-before-seen imagery that perfectly ties in with the beauty of blooming flowers in Spring, as well as challenging the viewer to appreciate and acknowledge the struggle women have fought through in order to get to where women stand within the art world today. Dating back to the beginning of the Old Masters, women throughout have been airbrushed from historical artistic acknowledgements for centuries due to gender discrimination. Following through to today, we are still in a world where major institutions typically represent an increasingly higher percentage of art by male artists rather than that by female artists. It must be mentioned that this systematic exclusion is not due to the lack of talent, and in fact women have been and continue to be fundamental to the institution of art to this day. However, as the favour of male over female artists is increasingly being diminished, this exhibition “Women In Art” will be the first of many powerful events this year by Ransom Art that promote and speak on behalf of how talent in genderless and bring a final end to socially constructed sexual divisions, whereby purchasing work by female artists is no longer be considered as a risky investment.

The artist we have chosen to represent this powerful message, is fine artist and photographer, Althea Wilson. Beginning her career in Nigeria and currently based in London, Althea has developed her own unique techniques that bring many years of training in various disciplines together to form still-life pictures. She predominantly uses natural light to enhance the stage of handprinted backdrops, real antique and modern props, fruit, vegetables and flowers. Filters are not used to age the appearance of scratched and mildewed photographs, but rather sheets of glass or Perspex are prepared to achieve whatever finish she needs to execute her artwork in real time. Accompanying Althea’s photographs, whilst also included within them, is the expressive sculptor, AnnaLeaClelia Tunesi. The sculptural forms AnnaLea creates offer a calming meditation on artefacts, rupture and dishevelment, whereby the use of black volcanic clay and glazes play as her mediums. Her work is jointly inspired by Freudian psychoanalysis and the roots of plants, as well as a strong link to earth and nature, are her main sources of inspiration. Together, Althea and AnnaLea’s work portrays both beauty and food for thought, and paint their gender as women to be that of something to be proud of within the art world.

View some of the beautiful photographs of this collection HERE.

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