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  • 105 Pimlico Road London SW1W 8PH UK (map)

RANSOM ART presents “WOMEN IN ART” : Ravishing photographic florals accompanied by sculptural clay formations by the talented Althea Wilson and Annaleaclelia Tunesi.


Ransom Art is very proud to announce their innovative exhibition, “Women In Art”, from 26th February to 27th March 2019. The exhibition is comprised of an intricate collection of ravishing photographic florals by Althea Wilson, accompanied by sculptural clay forms by AnnaLeaClelia Tunesi. The collection consists of never-before-seen imagery that perfectly ties in with the beauty of blooming flowers in Spring, as well as challenging the viewer to appreciate and acknowledge the struggle women have fought through in order to get to where women stand within the art world today. Dating back to the beginning of the Old Masters, women throughout have been airbrushed from historical artistic acknowledgements for centuries due to gender discrimination. Following through to today, we are still in a world where major institutions typically represent an increasingly higher percentage of art by male artists rather than that by female artists. It must be mentioned that this systematic exclusion is not due to the lack of talent, and in fact women have been and continue to be fundamental to the institution of art to this day. However, as the favour of male over female artists is increasingly being diminished, this exhibition “Women In Art” will be the first of many powerful events this year by Ransom Art that promote and speak on behalf of how talent in genderless and bring a final end to socially constructed sexual divisions, whereby purchasing work by female artists is no longer be considered as a risky investment.

The artist we have chosen to represent this powerful message, is fine artist and photographer, Althea Wilson. Beginning her career in Nigeria and currently based in London, Althea has developed her own unique techniques that bring many years of training in various disciplines together to form still-life pictures. She predominantly uses natural light to enhance the stage of handprinted backdrops, real antique and modern props, fruit, vegetables and flowers. Filters are not used to age the appearance of scratched and mildewed photographs, but rather sheets of glass or Perspex are prepared to achieve whatever finish she needs to execute her artwork in real time. Accompanying Althea’s photographs, whilst also included within them, is the expressive sculptor, AnnaLeaClelia Tunesi. The sculptural forms AnnaLea creates offer a calming meditation on artefacts, rupture and dishevelment, whereby the use of black volcanic clay and glazes play as her mediums. Her work is jointly inspired by Freudian psychoanalysis and the roots of plants, as well as a strong link to earth and nature, are her main sources of inspiration. Together, Althea and AnnaLea’s work portrays both beauty and food for thought, and paint their gender as women to be that of something to be proud of within the art world.

View some of the beautiful photographs of this collection HERE.

Floral Installation
Curatorial Display
Exhibition Photos

Photographs by Vlady Vala | @vladyvalaphoto |