A Palisander and Chromium Suite

1970's France

H 57 x W 56 x L 34 cm 

H 59 x W 124 x L 45 cm 

[Ref: 2115]

This 1970s suite is composed of a cabinet and two commodes, each of polished dark palisander wood, edged in chromium. The rectangular cabinet, with two drawers, each with two chromium handles, resting on two chromium columns, on a rectangular upholstered and chromium base. The commodes each with two drawers, and chromium handles, supported by a chromium column, on a upholstered and chromium base. In 1970 the Ciba Foundation stressed that ‘a house should be a general purpose shell… capable of adapting to any needs…’ The innovative shapes and design displayed in this suite illustrates the development of a new way of thinking about dimensions and space in the home. Also evident is the fusion of styles and blurring of boundaries between what had been discrete purpose built rooms with purpose built furniture. Katherine Higgins writes that ‘Materials became the challenge of the decade.’ This suite holds echoes of the office with the dark boardroom tones of the palisander wood, and smart clean lines; its chromium symmetry is a nod at industrialization and at the factory. The choice of palisander hints at exoticism, reflecting the new ease of travel that characterized the tastes of the decade, but also embodying classic luxury. The playful functionality of the shape of the units combines with the richness of the materials, perfectly encapsulating the eclectic and innovative design ethos that pervaded the period.