Jeanne Isabelle Cornière - "Le Ballon"

In a research project on the themes of play and childhood, the artist created a series of photographs of a boy she met during a summer vacation. Different works emerged from this series, including the sculpture of the Balloon and the series of prints Jeux d’enfants. The theme of the balloon, though conceptually related to that of soap bubbles, in this case has to do with one of the artist’s childhood memories - the Albert Lamorisse French short film, The Red Balloon (1956). 

In this poetic film for children, the child makes a strong friendship with a balloon that he accompanies during his explorations of Paris. Childhood loneliness and the value of relations are reflections contained in this research and in its aesthetic conclusions. 

Resin, glass, wool

47 cm x 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm