Jeanne Isabelle Cornière - "Ricordi al vento"

This sculpture reflects on the innocence of play, and its ability to be both ephemeral and evocative. The soap bubbles created by the child are the result of a gesture very similar to that of the artist. Forms emerge into existence from the artist’s process, taking shape and consistency, and are guaranteed by the power of imagination. The fragility and the transience of the bubble, realised by the use of blown glass, form part of an important passage in the research contained in this work; they evoke the theme of childhood being a short and intense moment of bright visions and infinite possibilities. The theme of memory, suggested by the title, and the biographical dimension present in this work, are transmitted by a prominent synthetic figure made of white chalk and interrupted only by small coloured elements or pieces of glass, like signals coming from the present time. The element that emanates out of the plaster clarity is what ensures the roots, the here and now, from which the piece originates and to which the rèverie returns. Finally, in the composition there is a reference to 19th century French painters, such as Chardin and Manet. 

Resin, wood base and glass bubbles

40 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm