Mazzega Murano glass chandeliers

A pair of 1960s Mazzega Murano glass chandeliers

1960s  Italy

H 84 x W 30 cm

[Ref: 2055]

A pair of 1960s Mazzega Murano glass chandeliers, each with chrome corona, supporting a series of different size large twirled glass drops with central opaque white glass.

These superb chandeliers were made in Murano, Venice, Italy, by the Mazzega glass factory, located along the Grand Canal of Murano (Canal Grande di Murano). Mazzega´s glassmakers and designers contributed to the international popularity of Murano glass in the 20th Century. Mazzega is highly esteemed, because of its outstanding lighting, with each lamp being unique, crafted by hand, with great attention to both design and detail.Murano is a small group of islands lying on the Lagoon of Venice. Glass making existed in the Lagoon from as early as the 8th Century. The artisans of Venice soon accumulated singular skills in glass production - gathered in the course of the Republic’s extensive trade throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and the Islamic territories of the Levant North of Africa.Murano glass design and production continued throughout the 20th Century and is still vibrant today, these chandelier being an example of the great design of the 2nd half of the 20th Century.